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If you haven’t been before or a for a long time, fear not, we  are normal folk who join together to learn about God.  .

On Sunday Mornings we meet at 10:30am, at the moment we are not meeting regularly in the evenings, but we meet every 3rd Sunday of the month as whole family church in Messy Church from 4- 6pm.

We use the Bible as our guide for life, and have speakers ( usually our Pastor ) to help us understand what God says through the Bible.

We sing praise to God using a song book called Songs of Fellowship, some are old hymns and songs, and some modern songs too. For these we have a piano and guitar to lead us.

We usually stand up to sing, but stay seated for just about everthing else, so no need to worry when to stand or sit.

People dress as they feel comfortable. No need for hats or ties if that’s not your thing.

We take up an offering ( The collection)  by a bag being passed around. You can just pass it by if you like- no pressure- it is for the church to give as they wish to support the work of the local church.

We have “communion” 2 times a month, one on the first Sunday evening (6:30pm) , and one on the 3rd Sunday morning. Any Christians who love the Lord Jesus can share it with us. This is usualy just a part of the whole service, often at the end, for about 10 minutes and folks are free to take part, stay or not as they feel.

We are friendly and open, and you are very welcome.

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