Homes for the dispossessed in Nicaragua

Can you help ?

Tony Langmead who lived here in Bishopstoke and is a member of this church, is the Project Manager for SIFT living in Nicaragua  building 60 homes for dispossessed people - or those threatened with dispossession, in the Granada area. This work  is for the local people who have lived there for generations.

Lots has been done, so far

  • SIFT have purchased land
  • Obtained planning permission to develop 60 homes  and community and tourist facilities.
  • Contracted groundworks and construction of erosion controlling gabions to alleviate flooding from Lake Nicaragua
  • Have funding towards the construction of the homes

BUT it is dependent on the completion of vital infrastructure- drains roads, and foundations.

The costs is estimated at 60,000.

As you read, this several families are under notice of eviction, and are asking if we can build temporary homes as they have no where else to go.

One of the SIFT  trustee’s Mark Catley has said he will personally give 1 for every 60 you give.

Will you join us in our fund raising?

How to Give:



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